All India Anti Corruption Anti Crime Cell

Object of Cell .: Corruption and Crime free India, to complete help in the development of the country, to give and take help to/from police, administration, intelligence department and vigilance department by keeping vigilant eyes upon venal/bribe receivers/ scammers / blackmailers / traitors. ? To get meet the justice to the labors who are working in small industrial units or in factories. To take action/raise voice against blackmailing. To do efforts to finish/stop the use of all kinds of intoxications and intoxicated medicines. To get initiated proceedings/raise voice against the travel agents and the persons who are involved in giving false deceives for making available the jobs to different innocent persons and are receiving the money from them illegally and are not discharging their liabilities even after receiving money.

Mission.:. The mission statement of the All India Anti Corruption Anti Crime Cell is to create a corrupt free our Society that promotes good governance through corruption eradication programmes for the social-economic development of India. The All India Anti Corruption Anti Crime Cell (aiacacc ) is the Agency that is mandated to spearhead the fight against Corruption in India. It was established in 2015 under an Indian T. Act, 1882, To Organize programme against Corruption and Crime, do work for Control of Corruption as per Law, Work is the field Human Right, Right to Information Act,2005, Right to Education Act, Right to Service Act ,2011, The Right to children of free and compulsory education Act, Right to information Rules and state information commission Regulation 2007 and Central / State information commission Rules in all over India, and Offences & Penalties Under Anti Corruption Laws. As the lead institution in the fight against corruption in India, the Commission is geared to professionally execute its mandate through investigations and prosecutions of suspected offenders; establish corruption prevention mechanisms; mobilize support and enlighten the citizenry of India through community education programmes. Join the fight against corruption for a better India. Reject, Resist, Report Corruption. “To effectively prevent and combat corruption in order to promote integrity, transparency, and accountability for sustainable development in India”.