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The Organized All India Anti Corruption Anti Crime Cell (AIACACC) considered the bills to amend the Law “On Preventing and Combating Corruption” and the Rules of Procedure of India and to amend the Law “On Fight against Corruption & Crime”. Corruption and Crime free India, to complete help in the development of the country, to give and take help to/from police, administration, intelligence department and vigilance department by keeping vigilant eyes upon venal/bribe receivers/ scammers/ blackmailers/traitors. To get meet the justice to the labors who are working in small industrial units or in factories.

Amarkant Rana

Cheif Chairman

Gulshan Kumar




Riyaz Rizvi

Cheif Chairman (Youth)

Sukhbir Singh

National President (Main)

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Ammar Abdi

Cheif Chairman (IT Cell)

Manjeet Singh

National V. President



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